Aubrey Owen out on the town

Aubrey Owen set some goals, accomplished some goals, and is working towards new aspirations see below information and if you are someone that can help see these thru please touch base!

  • Stay on the right path

Date goal set: April 2004

Date goal accomplished: Still going strong goal is for the rest of my life

  • Buy a House

Goal set: 2006

Goal accomplished: 2012

  • Successful Career

Goal set: 2009

Goal accomplished: 2012

Internet Sales Executive for Digital Sherpa still a work in progress too

Now- ┬áSenior Digital Marketing Consultant – the agency for Entercom, Smart Reach Digital

  • Start a 401K
  • Start an IRA
  • Provide for my kid’s needs

Always changing and adjusting so definitely a work in progress

  • Save for Kid’s College
  • Start a Foundation for under privileged children in Kansas City Metro Area

Goal Set: 2010 as a ten year goal

Have a ton of research done and met worth many boards around Kansas City, have a business plan and cost analysis, next step is working on funding thru fund raisers and grants

  • Graduate College Bachelor’s Degree

Goal set: 2001

Goal accomplished: August 2014

Aubrey Owen Bachelor's Degree Kansas State University

Graduated from Kansas State University with Bachelor’s of Social Sciences primary focus Psychology

Aubrey Owen Bachelor's Degree Kansas State University

Working on enrollment in MBA program thru KSU meeting 23rd of September 2015, with hopes to start studies for MBA in end of 2016

  • Help provide support in local community

Volunteer: Kansas City Rescue Mission, Children’s Mercy dinner for families, Hope house battered women’s shelter, road clean up, etc.

  • Run 5K

Fitness together 5K run fundraiser for children with Tiffany we ran the whole thing

Tiffany and Aubrey Owen ran Fitness Together 5K run

  • Debt Free

Goal set: 2014

Work in progress with a non profit organization

  • Study Bible 3 times a week
  • Train personal Dog in 25 commands

Goal set: 2011

Goal accomplished: 2012

  • Learn to trust in people again

Work in progress

  • Learn to forgive myself for mistakes and poor choices

Work in progress

  • Make a large donation to Church

Goal set: August 2015

Work in progress

  • Fix up my car
  • Start a company
  • Invent something to make everyone’s life easier
  • Get a Master’s Degree
  • Spend 30 minutes a day focusing on self growth
  • Spend 30 minutes a day giving one on one attention to both girls
  • Build a relationship with distanced family members
  • Write a letter to long lost friends and family
  • Pray everyday – thank God for the gifts and sufferings of today
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