One of my goals…

I think I am using this site more as a checks and balances for myself in order to be able to keep track of what I still should be focusing on. One of my main goals is to start a Foundation called the Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas City. This foundation will function as a checks and balances for the local organizations in place to look out for the children’s best interest.

Unfortunately in my past courses and studies as well as projects and experiences I have learned that there are many children that are slipping thru the cracks. I have come up with a concept that will help prevent this from occurring I will begin focusing on this concept and work soon.

One of the concepts that has come to my attention is also how the system is not helping to prevent children from being impacted by dangerous people in their lives or situations. For example if there is an abusive or unhealthy person in their lives, that person has assault charges pressed against them (even if it is only by the City), there is no follow thru. If a child’s parent is truly making irresponsible decisions the system should have checks and balances in place in order to protect those children. I will be bringing you up to speed on progress as well as help needed in the near future.


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