Life is difficult…

Life is difficult and anyone that says otherwise is lying to you!!!

Being a mom is the most difficult job on the planet and in this day and age it is almost unfair…don’t get me wrong it is amazing and a gift from God and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The unfair part comes into play due to the amazing progress women have made over the past century. Think about it we have progressed ourselves right out of equality in the family relationships and gender roles category. I am the first person to support success in the women’s rights to equality in the work place. The interesting part that backfired that we were not prepared for and is not being handled properly in this nation is the fact that not only does the glass ceiling still exist, but on top of that we are still expected to carry out all mom role obligations. Even if we are the primary bread winner and provider for our families.

When a mom is expected to provide for her family and take responsibility for them no matter who or what comes their way it is a difficult task to manage. A mom that is successful in business is automatically looked down upon the moment she doesn’t make it to the school play. (If you have a negative thought enter your mind at this point just wait there will be a post to address this here just give me some time). Aubrey Christine

If there ever was a list of requirements and duties as a mom that was provided on the application before they sign up then no one would ever take on the position. Think about it, if mom’s knew that not only would they still be expected to succeed in their career and not ever miss work, show up early, stay late, business meetings in the evening, travel, and then on top of that they are the one’s expected to take of work when the child is sick, has school events, doctor’s appointments, etc. Don’t get me wrong there are long lists of the rewards provided that show how amazing it is to be a mom. It is awesome to see these little people grow right before your eyes. It is so much fun to see how your impact influences them on who they become when they are older.

Although it can be discouraging and seem almost impossible at times to be able to be the rock star mom you are expected to be, the one thing to keep in mind is that this is only a moment in time. If you do your best and strive to make each moment count then the stress and discouragement don’t have space to exist.

Even with a career and functioning as a single mom we are granted the blessing to experience it all. The good and the bad allow us to grow into the people that God needs us to be. Someday we will be able to help corporate America realize how much more amazing the working mom is than they realize and grant proper benefits and amenities for their needs and struggles to ensure their success in every aspect of every role she is filling both for the corporation and her family.

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