Aubrey Owen is a highly driven motivated and determined individual that focuses most of her energy on staying ahead of the gameĀ in the Digital Marketing Industry. She is a person focused on numbers. She is results driven and enjoys seeing numbers increase.

Aubrey is not happy if she does not see the number moving in the right direction. Feedback is constantly requested in order to optimize everything. Her degree focused on Psychology mostly to help her understand how the brain processes information and why people react the way they do in certain situations. While studying Psychology at Kansas State University (graduated in Aug 2014) she learned that the Psychology background was helping her in the Digtial space because it was allowing her to be able to understand issues that business owners were dealing with even if they did not fully understand the scope of what was going on. She stuck with Psychology because it aided her efforts consulting business owners to be able to find problematic areas in the business and make adjustments to help the numbers and bottom line increase.

“To be able to say that you love what you do is truly a blessing!”is one of Aubrey’s greatest accomplishments outside of being a single mom of 2 girls in the Kansas City area. She grew up in the Waldo area of Kansas City.



Live for today, hope for tomorrow- Motivated, driven, focused, love work, love the Lord & strive to be a better person everyday. Digital Strategist- Aubrey Owen

Aubrey Owen finding her way

Vice President of Marketing for Digital Cropdusting LLC her main focus is to build companies that help keep our community safe and provide opportunity for local business owners and local organizations to promote their services or cause safely and effectively without any concern of spam or dangerous software getting to their mobile devices. This company also allows for opportunity for the local owners to participate in ad-share/ad-rev for their business by allowing other major advertisers to use their locations device to push notifications to their clients that are near them.

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